Resurrection Day

Dr. Rick Marshall

On Easter Sunday we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In many places it is simply called, “Resurrection Sunday.” As most know Sunday became the worship day for the Christian church, not the Sabbath of the Jewish tradition, as a reminder and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We call both the season and this Sunday, Easter. Where did that term originate? Actually no one knows for sure. A reasonable, and quite probably correct, explanation lies in German celebrations of … [Read more...]

EHBC Family Gathers for Silent Reflection of the Season During Maundy Thursday

Dr. Rick Marshall

A solemn worship experience in many Christian churches is the Maundy Thursday service. It is held on the occasion of the last supper with the disciples on the night Jesus was betrayed. Some have wondered where the term “Maundy” originated and what it has to do with this day? “Maundy” is a derivation of the Latin word for commandment. The Lord instructed His disciples as He shared with them on that night and Paul taught us that the church should celebrate the Lord’s Supper as a remembrance of … [Read more...]

Passion Week Reflections

Dr. Rick Marshall

Go with me in your imagination back to Jerusalem this Passover Week when Jesus entered the city. Most of us know it began with jubilation and admiration for Him. It quickly turned ugly when the celebration became cruelty beyond our ability to fully appreciate. Three days at the end of the week forever changed our world. In this note let us think of the Friday and Saturday. Friday is called “Good Friday” on the Christian calendar. It is difficult to think of the day our Lord was crucified as … [Read more...]

Donate Personal Care Items and Help the Youth Choir Minister to Teen Challenge Facilities


The YOUTH CHOIR is collecting personal care items for TEEN CHALLENGE FACILITIES for choir tour again this year. TEEN CHALLENGE is a faith-based addiction recovery facility for teens and adults. Those who voluntarily enroll in one of these facilities typically are there for over a year. Many times they come to the facility with only the clothes on their back. During their stay at TEEN CHALLENGE many of them come to faith in Jesus Christ. Our youth choir will be on tour this summer in Chicago. We … [Read more...]

Children’s Choir Sings at Hillview Nursing Home

Children's Choir at Hillview

The children’s choir (grades 2-6) did an outstanding job singing at HILLVIEW NURSING HOME on Wednesday, March 19th. Approximately 30 children participated. A special thank you to DAN HARRISON for driving the bus and JEREMY TURNER the minibus! We also appreciate all of the children’s choir ministry team who chaperoned and some who stayed behind for late comers who showed up after we left for Hillview. Children’s Choir Team includes: Nancy Sellers, pianist; Terri Golden, Steve Phillips, Cheryl … [Read more...]