Dr. Rick Marshall

About Dr. Rick Marshall

Bro. Rick officially became the seventh Pastor of Eastern Hills Baptist Church on July 3 of 1994. He enjoys playing golf and all outdoor sports. Among his favorites are the book The Greatest Generation and the movie The Passion of the Christ. Bro. Rick’s favorite Bible verse is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, Philippians 4:13.

Pastor’s Paragraphs: September 15, 2017

When life is going well we tend to take it for granted.  We begin to think that is the way it will always be and focus more and more on ourselves.  Then on a larger scale, events like the hurricanes Harvey and Irma come along.  If it is not from nature, sometimes it is from events closer to home like unexpected illness, accidents or other tragedies which reminds us we live in a fallen world.  We come face to face with not only our own suffering but that of others.  … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Paragraphs: September 8, 2017

Some of you were not here Sunday and did not get the Week of Prayer brochure which was in the bulletin.  This coming week is a concentrated time of prayer for this state and various Great Commission Ministries of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions and the Alabama Woman’s Missionary Union.  In addition to the week of prayer information which was in the brochure, the Myers-Mallory Mission Offering will help fund these various ministries.  We are blessed with more than … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Paragraphs: September 1, 2017

Join me in congratulating those who were elected this past Sunday to serve on our Pastor Search Committee.  You should lift them up in prayer each day in view of the challenge before them.  We should also add that the church elected an outstanding group who will follow the Lord’s leading and in His time bring to us the next Pastor/Shepherd for our church family.  Unless a person has served before, few appreciate the demands of this task.  I also want to mention others on the … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Paragraphs: August 25, 2017

Our church will face no more urgent and important decision this year than selecting those who will become the Pastor Search Committee.  These will need to be men, women and youth who possess both wisdom and vision.  I trust that you have given this selection utmost attention in prayer and that you will come Sunday with convictions of what the Holy Spirit desires for our church.  As I have stated, I am fully supportive of our church moving forward in electing this committee and … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Paragraphs: August 18, 2017

I am sure you will join me in appreciation for the service of William Robles to our church for more than ten years as our Hispanic Ministry Pastor.  As you may know his father recently passed away and his mother and extended family remain in Columbia.  William has concluded his service with our church and has returned for a period of time to take care of family matters in his home country.  During this time his wife, Connie, and daughter, Isabella, will be here.  I know you … [Read more...]