Pastor’s Paragraphs: June 24, 2016

One of the highlights of our church through the years has been our students. Each year we look forward to their summer events, especially the choir tour. This year we have added a mission emphasis to the music and drama which is always top notch. They will be leaving on Wednesday morning and returning late next week. Please remember them in their witness this summer and to return home safely. We are always appreciative of the leadership Keith Pate and Mark McLendon give to our students in both … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Paragraphs: June 10, 2013

VBS is without a doubt one of the most exciting weeks of the year. Actually I don’t know what is most fun to watch, the children or the workers. I am always amazed at the creativity and hard work which goes on from the leader’s side. Adults and youth workers do an outstanding job. The children have started this week wide-eyed and full of energy. Before the week’s out, they will have learned more about Jesus and some will have come to know Him as Savior. Join me in thanking parents, workers and … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Paragraphs: June 03, 2016

Vacation Bible School week is one of the most significant weeks of the year for our church and for children. Most of us adults remember the enjoyable week in VBS when we were children. Sometimes when this week rolls around each year we forget the excitement it is for children. More importantly, some of us might overlook how urgent this week can be in the spiritual life of a child. Many children get more direct information and influence spiritually in those five days than at any other time of the … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Paragraphs: Join Us for an Appreciation Reception for the Solar Family

I assume you have heard about Ricky Solar’s future plans. Over several months Ricky has made a careful and prayerful decision concerning the next steps in his life. He obviously has gifts of ministry, a love for students and a passionate interest in sports. These seem to have come together perfectly in what he feels called to do. I don’t know anywhere a Christian witness is more needed than in the halls of our schools. He is well prepared to teach history and related subjects to students from a … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Paragraphs: Friday, May 20, 2016

Congratulations to the High School Scholarship recipients and the new Helen Cain Memorial Award winner. Eastern Hills has been blessed each year with such outstanding students and this year certainly was not an exception. You will see the names of those students on the right. We are proud for each of them and their families. Likewise, this year we are blessed to have a number of students serving in Summer Missions assignments. It was such a joy to recognize and commission them this past … [Read more...]