Pastor’s Paragraphs: June 24, 2016

Dr. Rick MarshallOne of the highlights of our church through the years has been our students. Each year we look forward to their summer events, especially the choir tour. This year we have added a mission emphasis to the music and drama which is always top notch. They will be leaving on Wednesday morning and returning late next week. Please remember them in their witness this summer and to return home safely. We are always appreciative of the leadership Keith Pate and Mark McLendon give to our students in both music and other ministries.

Let me mention another matter relating to missions with more information to come in the next couple of weeks. Our church will have a mission team traveling to Haiti in October. This trip will have a medical component as well as an opportunity for others to be involved in prayer and sharing the Gospel. Even if you are not directly involved as a team member, you can be part of a support prayer team for this mission trip.

You have perhaps heard of unreached people groups. These are primarily people groups around the world who have not had any or very little witness in their language. Our churches are asked to adopt a group to pray for and learn about. Through genuine prayer, God may be able to open a door for the Gospel to be shared with them. More information about praying for unreached people groups will be coming to our church soon through the Missions Committee.

As you can tell, much of what I write this week relates to missions. What better thing could a Baptist Church be concerned about than evangelism and missions? When you look at the Bible it all comes down to this very simple fact, doesn’t it? God sent His Son to the whole world with equal love for every soul so that those who would put their faith in Him might be saved. I am grateful our church provides ways we can fulfil Acts 1:8 both locally and globally, whether by going, giving or praying.

I will be away Sunday preaching in a missions setting and looking at further involvement of our church in a potential partnership relationship which can benefit our church and others. I will share more with the Missions Committee and church soon.

Dr. Rick Marshall About Dr. Rick Marshall

Bro. Rick officially became the seventh Pastor of Eastern Hills Baptist Church on July 3 of 1994. He enjoys playing golf and all outdoor sports. Among his favorites are the book The Greatest Generation and the movie The Passion of the Christ. Bro. Rick’s favorite Bible verse is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, Philippians 4:13.