Pastor’s Paragraphs: May 12, 2017

Dr. Rick MarshallI want to commend the Celebration Singers, for leading us in a joint presentation of music Sunday evening with the Senior Choir from Heritage Baptist.  It was a joy to see the choir loft filled and such a great spirit in the service.  Thank you Keith, accompanist Peggy Kendrick and choir members!

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  In a day when the sanctity of marriage and the importance of a healthy home life are called into question, we should be reminded of God’s plan for the home and family. 

I am reminded of a true story from the excavations of the volcanic ashes at Pompeii.  The excavators found the skeleton of a deformed child with his mother’s arms wrapped around him.  The mother’s jewelry still in place, according to the archaeologists, revealed her to have been a member of a wealthy class.  She had time to save herself, but apparently went back to rescue the crippled boy.  Through all the centuries since then her arm has been beneath the child she died to save.  Of what nation or race was that mother and child we do not know.  The point is not something local, but universal.  The ancient scene represents the love of a mother for her child.

While there is in virtually all women an instinctive love for their children, that’s not all there is to the role God has for mothers.  A Godly mother passes three things on to her children.  One is the aspiration to accomplish all the potential God placed within that life.  Another is anticipation.  Mothers are often endowed with unique ability to dream great dreams which become the character foundation of a great life.  Mothers also pass along the assurance of God’s love through life experiences.  A mother’s faith in spite of the trials of life can become the guiding light for a child to find his or her own personal faith in Christ.  For so many of us, our mother was a guiding light in establishing values and applying discipline as well as pointing our hearts toward Christ.    For that we will be eternally grateful. 

Let me also remind you about our Eastern Hills Baptist Foundation.  Please contact our staff if you would like more information on how to continue  a witness for Christ even after this life.

Rick Marshall

Dr. Rick Marshall About Dr. Rick Marshall

Bro. Rick officially became the seventh Pastor of Eastern Hills Baptist Church on July 3 of 1994. He enjoys playing golf and all outdoor sports. Among his favorites are the book The Greatest Generation and the movie The Passion of the Christ. Bro. Rick’s favorite Bible verse is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, Philippians 4:13.