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“Happy Birthday, America”

Let me offer this tribute to our Independence Day, July 4th.  Yet, did you know it was actually on July 2nd when America broke from Great Britain? Two days later, the Declaration of Independence was signed, which is why we celebrate the occasion on the 4th of July.   As you have opportunity over the coming days I urge you to read again the lyrics to our national anthem.  While most of us know the first stanza of anthem, few know the other three. Nor do many know the history … [Read more...]

Our Pastor’s Retirement Announcement

Twenty-three years ago this week, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, I became your Pastor.  It was the beginning of an absolutely wonderful journey with our Lord and the Eastern Hills Baptist family.  Now it is time for me to share with you some words about our future.  Some of you know that my ministry as a Pastor is not only my twenty-three years here, but twenty-two years before that.  In fact, it was in June forty-five years ago I became Pastor of a small church … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Paragraph’s: June 30, 2017

Some of you follow events of our convention more closely than others.  You have heard discussion about a resolution at the recent Southern Baptist Convention which I would like to address briefly.  A messenger proposed a resolution to the convention condemning “alt-right white supremacy groups.”  It was initially rejected because of poor wording and because the convention has spoken on many occasions to reject racism in all forms.  The reason for mentioning this matter is … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Paragraphs: June 23, 2017

We are in the midst of an exciting VBS. Like many of you, I can clearly remember some strong spiritual impressions which came to me through VBS. I am confident the same will be true for the children we were privileged to have this week. Join me in a huge thanks to our teachers, youth assistants, support teams, ministers, office staff and especially Brother Greg! June has been an incredible month for missions events as well as VBS. You will recall our Youth Choir and Carpenters for Christ … [Read more...]

Tribute to Dr. William (Bill) Dodson, Jr.: Pastor 1956 – 1959

Can you imagine a construction team trying to erect a building when the foundation had not been dug sufficiently or in straight lines with right angle corners?  Either someone would have to go back and start over to correct the errors or build on a foundation which might not hold up the structure. Such is the issue which comes to mind when I think of my predecessor over sixty years ago who served as the first Pastor of Eastern Hills Baptist Church.  To those of us Pastors who have … [Read more...]