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Pastor’s Paragraphs: July 28, 2017

Many of you have known about the work of Dr. Kline Johnson in the Family Resource and Counseling Center of the Montgomery Baptist Association.  He began that work twenty-two years ago and has continued to give outstanding leadership to this urgently needed ministry in our region.  Recently that work has expanded to include what has come to be known as the “City of Refuge” ministry which provides a short-term residence and support for Pastors in transition.  Depending on personnel … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Paragraphs: July 21, 2017

Sunday we participate in the “Baby Bottle Boomerang.”  Far more than just a catchy title, this phrase carries with it a very serious purpose.  It is our way of adding financial support to the First Choice Women’s Center of Montgomery.  They do a magnificent job of assisting ladies in crisis pregnancy offering an alternative to abortion and of sharing the Gospel Message with each client.  I am proud we can offer support to this ministry and urge you to bring a gift in the baby … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Paragraph’s: July 14, 2017

I was most pleased with the response Sunday evening to our discipleship study in homes across Montgomery and the surrounding area.  It’s not too late for others to join in a discussion oriented focus on how “ordinary Christians” should live.  That term is used because it has become easy to assume God will send “extra-ordinary Christians” to do the real work of Christianity while others just become church members.  But that isn’t the Biblical picture nor does it work in the … [Read more...]