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A Note From Dale Huff

What To Call The New Guy Persons have asked “What should we call you?” Well, you can call me “Dale.” You can call me “L. Dale” – the way I sign my name. You can call me “Huff” but not “Huffy,” unless I am acting that way. You can call me “Preacher” or “Rev.” You can call me “Brother” as Chris Green did last Sunday. Just don’t call me “Dimples.” Privilege What a privilege it is for Lanelle and me to be with you during this transition time. The longer we are here the more impressed we … [Read more...]

A Note From Dan

For the past three weeks we have had rainy Sundays, but the spirit in our worship and Bible Study has been anything but rainy. God has really rained down His spirit on us as we have worshiped together. Sunday we were reminded of a familiar passage in Mark chapter 2 of the men who took the paralyzed man to Jesus. Because of the crowd they could not even get close to Jesus so they lowered him through the roof. They went to great extremes to get him to Jesus. We were reminded by this passage the we … [Read more...]

Chickens…what was I thinking?

They are not too smart. Their feed costs far exceeds what I would ever eat in eggs. They reside in my back yard, clucking away, laying eggs and teaching me a lot about our relationship with God. You know, if my chickens could ever work together, their lives would be so much better, but they only look after themselves. Periodically, I will let them roam around the yard. They are never still. They are constantly running, flapping and going from one place to the other. If one of them finds … [Read more...]

Walk God’s Way…

As many of you know, I grew up in a small country town located in Conecuh County about 100 miles south of Montgomery. My Father was a farmer. One of my fondest childhood memories is walking barefoot and following the “cow trails” through the pastures on the farm. (I was “barefoot” from April – October at least.) For those who aren’t versed in farm life, cow trails are the paths the cows would walk throughout the pasture; traveling from the barn to the pond or various other points in the field. … [Read more...]