How to Join EHBC

A person may join our church in one of three ways:

Profession of faith

Someone who joins our church on “profession of faith” is a new believer who has understood God’s plan of salvation and has made a personal commitment of his or her life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. A person who joins the church on “profession of faith” becomes a candidate for baptism.

Transfer of letter

A person who is a member of another Baptist Church may join our church by “transfer of letter.” This means our church accepts this person as a believer already a member of another Baptist Church who has made a profession of faith and has been baptized. Upon that person joining our church the previous church is notified by a letter from our church.

Statement of faith

A person may join our church by “statement of faith” who is a Christian and has been previously baptized but is a member of another denomination or someone who is a Christian and has not been baptized (immersed) in the manner and meaning of baptism as practiced by Baptist Churches. For example, a person may wish to join our church and has been a Christian, but a member of a church which did not practice immersion as the means of baptism. In that case the person is accepted into the membership of the church and would become a candidate for baptism.

At the conclusion of the message in each worship service a public invitation is given for anyone who wishes to come forward and express a desire to join the church in one of the ways above. It is not necessary, but often the case, that a person who wishes to join may have had a previous discussion with one of the ministers about their decision. For those who will be baptized, a date is set through the Pastor’s office for baptism at a convenient time for the person and family soon after joining the church.

For more information on this subject, anyone interested is encouraged to contact the Pastor’s secretary either for a phone conversation with the Pastor or a visit in the office. The phone number to the Pastor’s office is 272-2164, ext. 211.