Pastor’s Paragraphs: Friday, May 20, 2016

Congratulations to the High School Scholarship recipients and the new Helen Cain Memorial Award winner. Eastern Hills has been blessed each year with such outstanding students and this year certainly was not an exception. You will see the names of those students on the right. We are proud for each of them and their families.

Likewise, this year we are blessed to have a number of students serving in Summer Missions assignments. It was such a joy to recognize and commission them this past Sunday evening. As you read inside this publication please note their names and places of service. Remember them in prayer. In particular, let me mention Matthew Burkhart and Ben Crocker as they begin service in the Student Ministry in area churches.

This week is also designated as Montgomery Baptist Association Emphasis Week. Eastern Hills has a valuable role in the cooperative work of Montgomery Baptists. We are grateful for the ongoing work of Dr. Kline Johnson as Director of the Family Resource and Counseling Ministry. His work provides a valuable professional resource across this region for families and churches in meeting family and individual needs. His Assistant in that office is Dinah Bundrick. We also commend the work of Lisa Rose in Community Ministries and Ken May as Director or Missions.

Montgomery Baptist Association also extends our ministry through partnerships with the BCM at AUM, the Forest Park Ministry Center and Samaritan Inn Ministries. Almost 3.5% of our budget supports ministries through Montgomery Baptist Association. In addition, a number of our members serve on a number of committees or volunteer time through the Association. George Ray serves as the Lay Member from EHBC on the Executive Board of our Association. Please remember the work of our Association in prayer and the DOM Search Committee. As most of you know, Ken May has announced his retirement and a search is in progress for the next Director of Missions.

We do many things well at EHBC. One of the things we need to improve most on is personal outreach and evangelism. It is not just the minister’s job, but rather, part of every Christian’s responsibility. Each of us knows people who do not have a church and do not claim a personal relationship with Christ.