The Light Has Come!

Keith PateAs I reflect over the happenings of the past few days, and especially the presentation of The Light Has Come, I am awed at God’s gracious goodness! In planning any worship service or music event I am never completely satisfied with the product. I usually think things like: “If I only had another week, it could be so much better.” “Did I choose the right music?” “Did I include too much music?” “Was the message clear? Did things flow and point to the central theme?”

However, this year I am resting in the peace that it was what God intended! To God be the supreme Glory!

I will not start listing individuals that helped make this event a success – the column would be way too long! I will say it was very much a group effort from sound, media, lights, choirs, soloists, drama team, publicity, flower committee, participants, ushers, greeters, ministry staff and more! THANK YOU! Your efforts paid off with eternal dividends!

The Light Has Come! — God provided and does provide us opportunity to share the “Light” all year long but especially at this season. Remember as we have other significant occasions, be an “inviting” people! More people will come to a worship service or special presentation when they are given a personal invitation. See every event as an opportunity to reach out to an unchurched (or out of church) neighbor or friend! As one Christian writer once said (paraphrased) God can use our words, but He can’t use our silence.

Invite someone new to worship on Sunday mornings this December! Ask them to come with you to the Candlelight service on Monday, December 24, 5 PM, or “Christmas Sounds of EHBC” on December 16, 5 PM. Take them for coffee afterwards or a bite to eat!

Be an inviting people – The Light Has Come! Don’t put a bucket over it! Share it!

God bless you all!


Keith Pate About Keith Pate

Keith is originally from Castleberry, AL in Conecuh County. He joined Eastern Hills as Minister of Music in January of 2005 from Anastasia Baptist Church in St. Augustine, FL.