You are Part of a Team

Josh Wootton

“For each will have to bear his own load.” – Galatians 6:5

Henry Ford first used the assembly line to build cars in 1913. His method reduced a car’s build time from twelve hours to two and a half hours. The assembly line made production efficient and made car ownership a reality for many people. The system worked well, but there was one great stipulation. Everyone had to do their own part. Teams work well only when each person shows up and helps bear the load.  

This is the point the Apostle Paul was making in Galatians 6 when he told the reader to “test his own work,” and then, “to bear his own load.” Here is where Christians need to be careful though. Paul was not talking about the obvious load of being a faithful employee, managing one’s personal life, or even showing up to church regularly. That kind of work is important indeed, but Paul was referring to the even greater work of caring for other people. He was warning Christians against the tendency to get so caught up in their own responsibilities that they cease caring for others.

In other words, if you are so focused on your life, your business, your relationship with God even, that you are not caring for others, then you are missing the point. You are not actually bearing your own load at all. The work of Christ followers is not a series of tasks to accomplish or pleasures to obtain but a work of people to build in Christ. Our assembly line is one designed to restore lives and point them to the glory of God. It is for this reason that Christ gathered His people together as a church, so we could build one another — those inside the church are built up to grow in Christ, those outside the church are built up to know Christ.

I need this reminder often, and I imagine some of you do as well. It is easy to get busy with and to get focused on things that God has for us, but our greater priority must be the people God has for us.

Christ gave His life for the church, to show us the truth, to build us up in the glory of God. Let us go and do likewise for all those around us. Let each of us bear that load!

Pastor Josh